IBF Outreach

From its very beginning the IBF festival had a clear social commitment, giving in health centers such as the Doctor Negrín Hospital, the Maternal and Child Hospital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Special Education Center San Juan de Dios. in which chamber music groups such as the Ornati Quartet or the Gabriel Rodó Trio have participated offering performances of a high musical level. In 2020 season we will also reach out to local prisons and other institutions which do not usually offer classical music to their inmates.
31/03 Ciudad San Juán de Diós  – Trío Gabriel Rodó
03/04 Hospital Dr.Negrín – Isaac Martínez – piano
04/04 Hospital Materno infantil – Zorbalov y el órgano mágico
08/04 Hospital Materno infantil – Adriana Ilieva – viola, José María Ramírez Martín – guitarra